About Me


Hi, I’m Una.

I’m a fairly basic twenty something graduate just trying my best to figure out how to navigate the world of adulting…who also likes to write.

unamarie.com was created after a blog post I wrote for a university assignment for our faculty PR blog was picked up by a local paper. A lover of writing ever since I could hold a pen or type on a keyboard, but also a distracted and time strapped student who hadn’t written much besides assignments during her uni years, these events inspired me to get back into writing. It was what Bob Ross would call a ‘happy accident’.

My blog is still trying to figure out what it’s really all about (much like myself) but I mostly like to write and ramble on mental health and self care, pop culture and current trends, and just the general ups and downs of life being a 20 something millennial female.

In my spare time you’ll find me sipping a big cuppa tea and catching up on Youtube videos, or looking at cute dog pics online. I warned you I was basic.

In an attempt to be professional…

I graduated from Ulster University in July 2018 with First Class Honours in Communication, Advertising and Marketing. I’m currently living and working in Belfast in Communications and Fundraising in a counselling charity, however home is Fermanagh and you can catch my columns in The Impartial Reporter every couple of weeks.

If youโ€™d like to get in touch or follow me, you can drop me an email on unamariemch@gmail.com or find me on Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter.

Also, your typical disclaimer;
– I’m really not an expert on anything at all so don’t take my word for it
– all views expressed are entirely my own
– I spend most of my life making bad jokes, so please don’t take anything I say too seriously!